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.three female vampyres.
.acacia leaves.
.angel with flowers.
.dark angel on her knees.
.blue fairy.
.bright blessings.
.dark lady.
.dawn comic book character.
.dragonfly carrying fairy.
.fairy godmother.
.fairy moon.
.fairy moon ii.
.fairy nutshell.
.red fairy.
. fairy and mushroom.
.fire goddess.
.fire goddess ii.
.the goddess.
.the goddess ii.
.the goddess iii.
.goddess in green.
.goth angel.
.goth angel ii.
.green-haired goddess.
.hecate ii.
.lady slayer.
.purgatori comic book character.
.purgatori comic book character.
.soul possession.


the god.
.baphomet ii.
.baphomet iii.
.baphomet iv.
.baphomet v.
.baphomet vi.
.baphomet vii.
.baphomet viii.
.baphomet ix.
.baphomet x.
.baphomet xi.
.baphomet xii.
.baphomet xiii.
.baphomet xiv.
.baphomet xv.
.blade from puppetmaster.
.blue god.
.blue wizard.
.beavis and butthead.
.chuckie finster.
.chuckie finster ii.
.chuckie finster iii.
.death man.
.demon ii.
.devil ii.
.devil iii.
.dracula gargoyle.
.elvin from south park.
.fire devil.
.fire god.
.god and pentacles.
.god of the witches.
.grim reaper.
.hampton j. pig.
.headless horseman.
.gate keeper.
.kermit the frog.
.kneeling wizard.
.krusty the klown.
.marvin the martian.
.marvin ii.
.marvin iii.
.pooh bear.
.tigger ii.
.wizard / pentacle.


pentacle medley.
.black rose.
.black cross.
.black flights.
.black glass rose.
.black rose ii.
.black rose iii.
.black roses.
.blair witch.
.blair witch logo.
.blood drop.
.blood red pentacle wings.
.blood tear.
.bloody moon.
.bloody tear.
.blue rose.
.blair witch ii.
.chains - left.
.chains - right.
.circle skull.
.coffin arm.
.pentacle corner left.
.pentacle corner right.
.crystal skull.
.crystal ball.
.dark pentacle.
.death ii.
.death iii.
.death iv.
.death v.
.death vi.
.demon wolf.
.door ii.
dragon ii.
.dragon iii.
.dragon iv.
.eaten arm.
.enter castle.
.eerie moon.
.eye of horus.
.eyes of a wolf.
.ghoul's claw.
.goth kitty.
.pentacles ii.
.pentacles iii.
.pentacle candle.
.reaper left small.
.reaper left.
.reaper right.
.red dragon.
.red rose.
.red rose ii.
.left border.
.right border.
.rose vase - large.
.rose vase.
.unicorn rounded.
.sacred space.
.satanic internet explorer logo.
.satan inside logo.
.star left.
.star right.
.swords crossed.
.teal moons.
.vamp lips.
.vampyre masks.


blues clues logo.
.free the weed logo.
.jolly roger logo.
.korn logo.
.marilyn manson logo.
.parental advisory logo.
.smurf logo.
.spam logo.
.spam logo ii.


.fetal baby.
.being ii.
.blue dog.
.blue flowers.
.blue wolf.
.blue unicorn.
.bud of marijuana.
.chili pepper.
.china rose.
.flower and bells.
.green bud of marijuana ii.
.green fish.
.green star.
.hands of stars.
.purple star.
.rainbow pot leaf.
.rainbow pot leaf ii.
.stop sign.

.select a portal.